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Prioritize Academic Excellence for ALL students 

Christie champions a student's right to a world-class education.  She believes the single goal of the Round Rock Independent School District should be educating and excelling K-12 students in the core subjects- Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies - in order to prepare them for college, career and military readiness.  Currently, the goals set for student achievement by our current school board are dismally low, and the scores of our students are not reflective of a district with the resources available in its $518,000,000.00 budget. Christie Slape is certain we can do better!  Round Rock ISD prides itself on being "innovative", but sometimes the BEST solution is not innovation, it is getting back to the basics.  Christie will raise the expectations for student outcome goals and advocate for proven, student-focused, traditional teaching methods. To attract and retain the finest educators, Christie will enthusiastically support an increased, respectable living wage for teachers and reducing their burden of extraneous responsibilities.  As a Trustee, Christie will approve a district budget that supports stellar student outcomes.

Protect our Children with Safe and Secure Schools

At the top of parents' minds is school safety. Whether that be the physical safety of students and staff in an unimaginable threat on RRISD property or the mental and emotional safety of students who may be exposed to harmful, non-age-appropriate materials in classroom curriculum and in school libraries.  A lack of state-mandated  Safety and Security Committee meetings in RRISD and the non-attendance of Christie's opponent (Amy Weir, a member of that committee), reveal negligence that could have horrific consequences.  Additionally, the silence and inaction of the agenda-setting Board President, the Board majority, and Superintendent, when asked by Christie to adopt a recent  TEA model policy removing sexually explicit materials from our RRISD libraries, is shocking and unacceptable.  As a RRISD Trustee, Christie Slape will advocate for policy and financial resources that support the protection of students and staff in every manner possible.

Preserve Common Sense Parental Involvement 

Christie strongly supports parental rights in education.   As a parent of 4 children educated in RRISD, Christie believes parents should be the first and final authority in their child’s education and decision making.  Christie also  recognizes there is a delicate balance between parents advocating for their children, and an educators' limited time to engage with parents.  As a former public high school educator, Christie knows that teachers maintain a heavy workload, including lesson planning, instruction, class discipline, grading, staff meetings, ARD & 504 meetings, bus and playground duty, sponsoring extra-curricular activities, and more.  Christie will ALWAYS support parents' rights in education while simultaneously considering the educators' #1 priority of teaching children. 


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